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Equipe San Francisco Philosophy and Background

Our Mission

The Equipe SF 2006 Organizing Committee has been established for the purpose of coordinating all San Francisco Bay Area
  • Athletes
  • Artists
  • Activists
  • Volunteers and
  • Supporters/Spectators 

... who are interested in attending the 1st World OutGames from 29 July to 5 August, and the International Conference on LGBT Rights in Montreal from 26 to 29 July 2006. Issues to cover include: group discounts, registration, uniforms, housing, transportation, and of course any concerns or questions you might have.

Our History

Equipe SF was born out of a decision by the Federation of Gay Games-recognized, Team San Francisco Board of Directors to support and organize only those people going to Chicago for the Gay Games, and not to support or organize Bay Area athletes who have chosen to go to the 1st World Outgames in Montreal in 2006. 
We consider all GLBT athletes and artists from the San Francisco Bay Area as a single community with team members going to both Montreal and Chicago. 
The terms "Equipe SF" and "Equipe San Francisco" were created to distinguish Bay Area team members going to Montreal from those going to Chicago, and was a result of legal threats from the Federation of Gay Games and Team San Francisco Board of Directors, who cited alleged trademark infringement over the terms "Team SF" and "Team San Francisco."  The merits of these claims remain questionable at best.
However, rather than squabble over the use of the name, Team SF or Team San Francisco we have chosen a new name for the team from San Francisco headed to the 1st World Outgames Montreal 2006:  Equipe SF! join us and nearly 10,000 registered athletes from more than 90 different countries (as of 4 November 2005).  Catch the Montreal Feeling and come to the 1st World Outgames Montreal 2006 from 29 July to 5 August next year!  It's going to be fabulous and fun and the experience of a lifetime!

Equipe SF 2006 - We're headed to Montreal for the 1st World Outgames!