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Equipe SF Welcome & Outgames Registration PARTY!

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Saturday, October 22 @ The Cafe (2367 Market Street)  8pm-2am

Equipe SF Welcome and Outgames Registration Party Contest Rules

  1. The contest is open to any person who completes in-full the contest entry form and submits it in-person to Equipe SF at The Café, 2367 Market Street, SF, CA on October 22, 2005 after 8pm.
  2. Contestants must be present to win unless otherwise stated in the Rules.
  3. Contestants each receive one entry for the prize drawing, however:
    1. Contestants that have paid-in-full under the 40% promotion from 15 September to 22 October 2005 will receive 10 total entries for the prize drawing
    2. Contestants that have paid-in-full prior to the 40% promotion beginning 15 September 2005 will receive 15 total entries for the prize drawing
    3. Outgames registrants who are not already members of the private Equipe SF Registered members yahoo group will need to provide their Montreal 2006 email confirmation of registration, with Outgames registration number as evidence of proof-of-payment and registration.
  4. Contestants and Prize Winners are subject to ID verification and registration confirmation at the discretion of the contest organizers.
  5. Any false statements made by contestants will result in the forfeiture of any potential prizes and return of such prizes to the organizers at the contestant’s expense.  Re-awarding of any forfeited prizes will be made by a random drawing of the remaining valid entry forms and the winner will be contacted by phone and/or email.
  6. The grand prize is fully transferable to any person that the winner chooses.
  7. The decisions of the contest organizers are absolute and final.

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Questions?  Write to us at

Equipe SF 2006 - We're headed to Montreal for the 1st World Outgames!