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After You've Ordered Your Required Uniform -
Purchase Some of Our Optional Equipe SF Merchandise!
*Optional item Prices exclude 3.25% Pay Pal processing fee
Optional Team T-SHIRTs
You'll need a white T-shirt, so why not wear the official Team T-Shirt under your uniform and around town during the Montreal Outgames!  Buy extras to trade, to smell good (after sweaty hot days...and nights!), and to give as gifts to new friends you're sure to make!  They are 100% cotton.  Click on pic for size chart.
$11.00 each in white*

Additional White Shirt Size

Blue Ringer T-Shirt
Don't be caught in the same outfit twice!  We also offer an Equipe San Franciso T-shirt is stylish skyblue with contrasting navy trim.  Made of  100% heavyweight cotton.  Click on pic for size chart.
$15.00 each in blue*

Additional Blue Shirt Size

Tank Top
For you jocks who want to show off those well-worked delts, lats, and pecs in Montreal, a tank top is de rigeur!  Available in royal blue 100% cotton.  Click on pic for size chart.
$15.00 each tanktop*

Additional Tanktop Shirt Size




These are MUST HAVES for everyone interested in fostering international relations!  After getting to Montreal, you're gonna wish you had more of these in your pocket...guaranteed!  Bulk buying is most economical.
1.5 inches long, gold-plated cloisonne enamel in blue, green and pink*

Single Pins @ $3.00/pin

5 Pack Pins @ $11.25 ($2.25/pin)

10 Pack Pins @ $20.00 ($2.00/pin)

20 Pack Pins @ $35.00 ($1.75/pin)

Additional Equipe SF BUCKET HAT
Keep cool under these cotton/poly twill toppers.  Trade 'em and give 'em out as that little something to remember you by!
$9.00 each hat*

Additional Bucket Hat Size

Additional Equipe SF JACKET
These are going to be THE hot item in Montreal during the Games, so don't be caught short!  Keep one and trade one.  They make the perfect accoutrement for your partner or partner-to-be!  Sublimated ink embedded in breathable microfibre.
$75.00 each jacket*

Additional Jacket Size

*Optional item Prices exclude 3.25% Pay Pal processing fee
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Equipe SF 2006 - We're headed to Montreal for the 1st World Outgames!